OnePlus Nord Root Throwing - how to do it (Magisk)


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Greetings from our OnePlus Nord root how-to guide. Zero devices come from the box with OxygenOS 10.5. There is no public in this software. For this reason, OnePlus Nord rooting is required. Before you can, you need to downgrade it to a newer version. You can do this from the OxygenOS build repo thread.

The transactions here involve great risks and reset your phone, and may even become INOPERABLE if not done correctly. THE FORUM DOES NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY IN ANY WAY. TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY TO YOU.

When the processes are finished, enable the developer options and enable OEM lock.
Fastboot restart (enable USB debugging in development options and use adb reboot bootloader)
Type fastboot oem unlock and agree to unlock bootloader (warning: android will delete your user data as a security measure)
Go to OxygenOS setup

Install Magisk Manager:


Move the stock boot.img file to your phone's internal storage (the following place is important)

For your convenience, 10.5.2 stock boot.img has been issued for the EU and India. Download EU:


For future releases, it is worth installing the following application on your computer: (Windows:


Click Install
Select "Select a file and patch it"
Select Stock boot.
Wait until magisk patches your boot.img and it can be found in the Downloads folder after the process is complete
Copy the patched boot.img file (which should be called magisk_patched.img) to your computer
Reboot fastboot
Type fastboot getvar current-slot in your terminal window, and then press Enter.
If output is a, type fastboot flash boot_a magisk_patched.img in your terminal window, and then press Enter.
If output is b, type fastboot flash boot_b magisk_patched.img in your terminal window, and then press Enter.
Restart oxygenos

Turn on Magisk Manager, your device must now be rooted.


Developer Android
make sure the latest platform tools are installed at
- Back up /persist before rooting (dd if=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/persist of=/sdcard/persist.img ) and save it somewhere on your cloud/computer, which can save you from errors.