OnePlus Nord N200 Endurance Test


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The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has put the recently announced OnePlus Nord N200 to endurance testing. The test revealed that the phone is extremely resistant to scratching, bending and burning. The test result is a complete disaster for a $240 phone...

Chinese technology company OnePlus recently unveiled its new mid-segment phone, the Nord N200. The most controversial aspect of the phone was its seemingly high price compared to its features. Now this phone has come up once again. This time, the paper scratching of the phone that took the endurance test proves that its price is indeed high...

The OnePlus Nord N200, which is handled by JerryRigEverything, a popular smartphone testing channel, was completely disappointing in scratch and bending tests. Moreover, the phone's screen was not in very good condition against screen burning. Because as far as we can see from where JerryRigEverything burned, two dead pixels formed. The easy scrapping of a $240 phone is not something any consumer would want.

When we take a closer look at the test, we see that the plastic material used in OnePlus is resistant to scratching and breakage. That's because a little touch on the phone's screen and case leads to the Nord N200 being scratched. Although the blade used during the test is too sharp, the fact that this phone stands in the pocket with a key or lighter seems to cause disaster after a while.

The phone is a big disappointment not only in scratching, but also in bending. So much so that JerryRigEverything tried to bend this phone towards his back case. As a result of this process, some crunch came from the phone. This crunch means that one or more of the internal hardware parts along with the case may have been broken. However, JerryRigEverything has not made a clear statement on this issue.