OnePlus 7/8 Series Root - Rom Update and Solutions -GUIDE-


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We hope we create a good guide for all oneplus users.

Imei repair has been completed successfully. My phone Oneplus 8 12/256.8 pro can perform the operation without any problems, likewise, only 7/7t etc friends need to try.
Update: The operation is successful in 7t pro. The eyes of 7t pro owners are enlightened.
Nothing illegal should be done, friends :) your own imei will migrate etc. for you to enter the original imei :) you can write whatever you want in the imei part :) so this is a legal warning).
In addition, you are responsible for any damage that may occur to your device. If there is anything we can do, we will help, but no responsibility is accepted.
It must be done in android 10 version, it has not been tried in 11. If anyone tries it, we'll edit it.
Edit: Operation failed in android 11. Operation only valid for Android 10.
After I did, I upgraded to 11 beta. Beta 1 was very problematic, but beta 2 came better. Rarely, when opening an application, the screen goes black or the speed deviates, but it happens 3-4 times a day. The battery life seems good to me, but I can't test it much, I wear it as soon as I get a charge. I can add it to the first post if anyone can test it.


In Android 11, this method works with the process found by our rare friend:

1- Basically, what is mentioned in the first message is done. I will write the difference in the article below.

2- When you select the bottom option in Engineering Mode and connect the device to the PC with USB, two devices are added to the Windows Device Manager (Device Manager in Turkish Windows). Someone I had was a 90A1 modem. Another device with a question mark appeared. I installed this driver by choosing Update Driver--> Browse My Computer For Drivers --> Let Me Pick..--> Qualcomm Incoorparated --> Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 9091 from the driver right-click menu. It didn't recognize the device with a question mark, so first I entered the "Ports (COM & LPT)" device type and selected the driver from there. As a result, I got something like this:


3- When I entered QPST Configuration, the situation was as follows. COM13 is recognized.

4- When I entered the Software Download to take a backup, I made the port field COM13 with the Browse option at the top. After this step everything worked.

Engineer mod: (installing on phone)

Miracle thunder: (Installing on PC)

Miracle thunder patch (HANDLE.INI file): (we will put it in the miracle thunder directory later)

key for Mega: dBXvKbQkXKOhv2yP5S9pEu_2ubwRh0-l1X4sVPS8lco

Usb driver: (Installing on computer)

Qpst: (installing on computer)
Key for Mega: 2PgewzkCsRUw6uQg2bW-t5-AY7168gnu2sc9ncdJ0ek

Vcredits etc: (if it is not installed on your computer, you install it, if there is, there is no need)


Friends, the only thing you need to do differently in the video above is to activate the bottom one, not the middle one, in engineer mode. The rest is very simple. I will try to support those who make mistakes as much as I can.

Ipx68 certificate: Available in op8 pro but not in op8. But verizon version op8 has ipx68. I don't think it's any different than ours, so I washed it under the tap today and it was fine. I tested it under the tap for about 2 minutes. So there is no need for 8 owners to splash on it when the water is spilled :) but I haven't tested it in the sea yet.

gcam for oneplus 8 series:
Key for Mega: HgpgrbUyvk9-JG_9BnBMkwaU6csVHPx-rod0p315X-0

Excuse me, I'm working as an administrator, I don't have much time, I will share as much as I can.