Alert slider no longer moves


New member
I bought the Nord 2 two weeks ago and I'm very satisfied with the smartphone. I've found the alert slider very useful and have also used it a lot. But suddenly unfortunately it can't be moved since yesterday for inexplicable reasons. Now it is stuck in vibration mode and can no longer be moved even with a lot of force. Does this often happen with Oneplus devices or is this a single case with mine now. Is there a way to fix this somehow and can I switch the smartphone to mute or loud without alert slider.


Staff member
I am having the same problem with my slider button on my OP6. . it goes form loud>vibrate>vibrate. Previously it goes to silent when I drag it with some force but now it remains on vibrate mode. so I suggest you to not apply extra force. just go to settings and change it to silent mode if it's necessary. . I hope they resolve the issue soon as lots of people are having the same problem.