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    OnePlus Android 13 Update List

    One OnePlus Android 13 Update List
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    View timely updates here ?

    See always on display settings the solution may be there.
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    android 12 update imei problem

    Oneplus 9 flat models do not have the imei of some of them, it does not matter China or India. In some, it goes instantly, the situation is not clear, do not update for now. Oneplus 9 pro model seems to have no imei phone at the moment. In the OnePlus update program, the update has been...
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    Camera Has a Phone: First Images of New OnePlus 10 Pro Revealed

    Design images from the new OnePlus 10 Pro, which is expected to be released excitedly, have been leaked. The most remarkable detail among the leaked images was the phone's massive quad rear camera. The OnePlus 9 series is much earlier than usual this year; The OnePlus 10 series could be...
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    OnePlus 5T Display turns off and on on its own

    Hello Open it and check the connection of the flex cable from the screen to the card. If you can't do it yourself, ask a phone guy to check it out.
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    Alert slider no longer moves

    I am having the same problem with my slider button on my OP6. . it goes form loud>vibrate>vibrate. Previously it goes to silent when I drag it with some force but now it remains on vibrate mode. so I suggest you to not apply extra force. just go to settings and change it to silent mode if it's...
  7. admin Launched Globally, which has been in beta for a long time, serves as a full version as of today. Anyone who wishes can register and access the content. Thanks.
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    Oneplus 9 Wifi problem

    hello, first check your modem settings. If you are using 2.4Ghz WiFi this seems to be a router settings issue. Go to your router's admin page ( and change your bandwidth from 20/40 Hz or 40 Hz to 20 Hz. This solved my problem.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 Themed OnePlus Watch

    OnePlus has unveiled its Limited Edition Cyberpunk watch and silver watch. Using a new strap design and interface, the watch shows cyberpunk's theme both inside and outside. The Johnny Silverhand watch holder next to the watch is just as hammered as the watch itself. We know that many companies...
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    Sizes and Resolutions of New OnePlus Smart TV's

    As OnePlus prepares to launch new smart television models, new information about the features of new smart TVs continues to emerge. A new leak shared about the device revealed some resolution and screen size of the OnePlus TV. Smartphone maker OnePluswas officially involved in the smart...
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    ONEPLUS 7 PRO Update - Heating Problem

    Welcome forum, 2.1 is now rolling out to the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7. The update focuses on improving system performance rather than introducing new features...
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    Using MSM Tools on OnePlus devices

    Here on the second screen, it doesn't matter what version your device is in at the time, you can choose which one you want to use. I choose Europe (EU) and move onWe do various operations on our device, and after these processes sometimes our device may not turn on , bootloop can also remain, or...
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    OnePlus Nord Root Throwing - how to do it (Magisk)

    Greetings from our OnePlus Nord root how-to guide. Zero devices come from the box with OxygenOS 10.5. There is no public in this software. For this reason, OnePlus Nord rooting is required. Before you can, you need to downgrade it to a newer version. You can do this from the...
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    OnePlus 6T Windows 11 :))

    Several developers from the Project Renegade team have revised the developer version of Windows 11 to run on the OnePlus 6T. YouTube user "edi194" uploaded this version to the OnePlus 6T. Although the installation process is a bit long and problematic, it has finally succeeded. According to...
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    OnePlus Nord N200 Endurance Test

    The YouTube channel JerryRigEverything has put the recently announced OnePlus Nord N200 to endurance testing. The test revealed that the phone is extremely resistant to scratching, bending and burning. The test result is a complete disaster for a $240 phone... Chinese technology company OnePlus...
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    OnePlus Announces New Phone 'Nord 2 5G' With Controversial Price

    OnePlus has announced its new mid-to-upper segment smartphone Nord 2 5G. The phone, which offers features such as triple camera setup, artificial intelligence support and 65-watt fast charging, seems to come to Turkey in the near future. Increasingly strengthening its position in the smartphone...
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    OnePlus 8T TWRP Recovery

    Recently, when I saw the possibility of TWRP recovery for 8T, I started researching and as of today our fully operational twrp is ready. In this description I will tell you how to install TWRP Recovery for our OnePlus 8T devices. TWRP Properties Decyrption works , meaning you can access device...
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    Activating OnePlus Developer Options and USB Debugging

    There are developer options available on each Android phone, which is a secret section for users who have detailed information. From here, it is possible to edit everything from animation speed to CPU/GPU transitions. In this article, we will activate both developer options and turn on USB...
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    ADB and Fastboot for All OnePlus Phones

    One of the programs that we need to do various operations from the phone is the ADB and Fastboot programs. He can be a lifesaver in a variety of ways. First, click here to go to the Google SDK page. Once you're gone, scroll down and press download SDK Platform-Tools in accordance with your...
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    OnePlus 7T Pro Android 11 Network Problem and Android 10 Downgrade

    If you are sure that the problem is caused by the update, You can downgrade to android 10 again via ''msmtool'', if the bootloader is unlocked, it will turn off, if there is root, it will fly. 1. Link 2. Link Take a backup before starting the process, the device will be reset!!! I and...